Party Features

Invite InstaMoment because we really enjoy a good celebration. The best part about celebrations are they’re a language that is largely universal. And who isn’t a fan of unity! InstaMoment, LLC will help you celebrate anything. Why? Because like it says on our homepage, we look at each event as art. Our creative team thrives on working with clients to make any event better with our booths. We’d list what type of parties but that would just be too time consuming, because we like invitations to THEM ALL!

Party features unique to InstaMoment, LLC:

  • Party-time Booth Attendant- Our booth attendants enjoy having fun and making your event the absolute best it can be. We work with you to identify a theme for your party and how our attendant can blend into that theme. If your daughter wants a princess theme and wants her booth attendant to be a princess, then we can make that happen!
  • Party-time Booth Activities- We have unique activities that help to get the party goers excited and ready to snap awesome photos or record meaningful videos!
  • Guest Email/Facebook Option- As soon as your guests finish their “moment” in our booth, you can give them the option to immediately send it off to their own personal emails. Then they can upload those photos on Facebook, tag you and all your family and friends, and extend your special day well into the following days.
  • Photo or Video or BOTH- You make the choice and we set up the options.
  • Reprints- Our printer comes equipped with a touch screen that allows guests to scroll through and reprint photos!
  • Unlimited Photos/Videos- That line stays packed for the time you Invited InstaMoment and we keep the photos printing!
  • Apple iPad- Most people know how to operate the touch screen of Apple products, and if they don’t, our simple on screen cues and awesome booth experts will help with the rest!

Other features:

  • Customized photo strips that match your party details
  • Fun, customized props upon your request
  • Customized image/message displayed on front of booth
  • Edited videos that can be customized to your party Scrapbook for guests to create your memories in photos
  • A CD catalog (data disk) of all photos/video taken

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