School, Charity & Fundraising

School Events:

Photo Booths are nothing new at school proms and other dances. InstaMoment, LLC shows schools why it should be present at any student-centered event. Young people rarely realize just how fast their life as a student passes. And often, when we reach a certain age, we reflect back and wish we had a better glimpse into those days. InstaMoment, LLC gives students that glimpse. Our presence at school events will do two things:

Our presence at school events will provide the Inspire Booth and an attendant that specializes in getting students excited by prompting them to express memorable thoughts about their school, the event their attending and the people who are important in their life

that get students excited and prompt them to say memorable things about their school and the event they’re attending. After each event, the school will have an opportunity to provide students with an edited video. After the year is complete, the school will have another opportunity to provide a “year in review” video of all events. The revenue earned from these videos can be used by club and class advisors to participate in more and better events.

Charity/Fundraising Events:

InstaMoment loves jumping in when the cause is helping others. Our booths are a fun and easy way to generate revenue. Whether you’re raising funds for a charity or generating revenue to keep kid’s programs alive in your town, our photo booth and attendants are a great way to do so!

Features unique to InstaMoment, LLC:

  • Interactive Booth Attendant- Our booth attendant’s enjoy having fun and making your event the absolute best it can be. We work with you to identify ways to get students/donors in front of the booth and recording meaningful videos!
  • Booth Activities- We have unique activities that help get students/donors excited and ready to snap awesome photos or record meaningful videos!
  • Photo or Video or BOTH- You make the choice and we set up the options.
  • Reprints- Our printer comes equipped with a touch screen that allows guests to scroll through and reprint photos!
  • Unlimited Photos/Videos- That line stays packed for the time you Invited InstaMoment and we keep the photos printing!
  • Apple iPad- Most students/donors know how to operate the touch screen of Apple products, and if they don’t, our simple on screen cues and awesome booth experts will help with the rest!

Other features:

  • Customized photo strips that match your school /fund-raising event
  • Customized image/message (School Logo) displayed on front of booth
  • Edited videos that can be customized to your school/fundraising event
  • Scrapbook for students/donors to create your memories in photos
  • A CD catalog (data disk) of all photos/video taken

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