Wedding Features

“Invite InstaMoment”

This is one of the greatest days of your life. We appreciate and value its importance and just what the moment signifies. Our goal is to help make your day wonderful. InstaMoment, LLC will work with you to create an experience that not only you but also your guests will enjoy. The joy they feel that day will be forever linked to the amazing couple that brought it all together.

Wedding features unique to InstaMoment, LLC:

  • Cocktail Hour/Seating Chart/Wedding Card Holder – We love this, and know you will too. No more wasted money, space and time on table cards. Your guest use the touch screen capabilities of the Inspire Booth and easily find their table number by punching in the first initial of their last name. After they sign the virtual guest book, they place your wedding card in the slot at the top of the of the photo booth, and off they go to enjoy some cocktails. That’s correct! Our booths hold wedding cards too, so scratch that worry off your list!
  • Guest Email/Facebook Option- As soon as your guests finish their “moment” in our booth, you can give them the option to immediately send it off to their own personal emails. Then they can upload those photos on Facebook, tag you and all your family and friends, and extend your special day well into the following days
  • Photo or Video or BOTH- You make the choice and we set up the options.
  • Reprints- Our printer comes equipped with a touch screen that allows guests to scroll through and reprint photos!
  • Unlimited Photos/Videos- That line stays packed for the time you Invited InstaMoment and we keep the photos printing!
  • Apple iPad- Most people know how to operate the touch screen of Apple products, and if they don’t, our simple on screen cues and awesome booth experts will help with the rest!

Other features:

  • Customized photo strips that match your wedding day details
  • Fun props and customized props upon your request
  • Customized image/message displayed on front of booth
  • Edited videos that can be customized to your wedding
  • A CD catalog (data disk) of all photos/video taken

The Inspire Photo Booth is versatile, light weight, easy to move, and considerate of space as it requires very little. This pint sized powerhouse of fun provides you with more opportunities to capture the many exciting “moments” that make up the best time of your life. Whether you Invite InstaMoment to just your wedding or let us share in your bridal shower and other great moments of the wedded process, you’ll assure it’s documented by a group of people who are in love with capturing joy.

wedding 3

It’s mobile enough to party on the beach and record the “I dos!”

wedding 1

Find out just how awesome your photo booth company is way before the big day by Inviting InstaMoment to kick up the fun of your bridal shower.

It can hang just on the edge of the dance floor ready to snap a photo of good friends living in the moment.


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